Ben Taylor

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Brother Ben became a member of the community late 2016. He and his family are proud to be part of China TX.

Education and experience are equally important in the eyes of Brother Ben. He graduated from Midwestern Theological Seminary & Southwest Baptist University. It is his estimation that he gained an equally invaluable training from being a minister as he did in the class room. Serving the Lord since he was eighteen years old, Brother Ben has been activly ministering for two decades. Those roles include Pastor, Iterim Pastor, Youth Minister, College Minister along with a variety of other ministry related positions.

To the ends of the Earth is not just a figure of speech for Pastor Taylor. Opportunities to share the gospel abroad as well as in the states have only deepened a desire to see the message of Jesus spread throughout the whole world. 

Set an appointment or drop by and see him in the office He looks forward to meeting you and getting better aquainted with China TX.

  September 2020  
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