Young Adult Class

Nicolette Taylor

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Young Adults class is meeting in the Northern most classroom in the ministry building. Couples and singles are encouraged to check out this class. we follow a book driven curriculum that helps us explore and apply Gods word in practical ways in our own lives.

Nicolette shared these thoughts about her motivation for this class:

"Busy, spread thin, tired. These are the things I see not only in myself, but in the faces of the 20 to 40 something's around me.  We are constantly looking for something to make life just a little bit easier.  But more than that we are looking for somewhere we can be a that makes us feel wanted.  Where can we go without judgment?  Without having to put on a mask?  Those are the questions to bring to the young adult small group.

We don't judge.  Single, married, divorced, unemployed, successful, children, quiet, outgoing? We are all people looking for somewhere to belong.  Yes, you might tell from my name that I'm the pastor's wife.  What I usually tell people is "I'm not that kind of pastor's wife".  I am a procrastinator, a tired mom, a bookworm, a gamer, an action movie enthusiast, and a music lover (all types of music by the way).  I love my husband and adore my children, but my house is often a mess and we eat out way more than we should.  So, when I say I won't judge I mean it.  We will laugh, we will talk, and we will pray together.

The mask.  Maybe you don't feel like you have to be three or four different people sometimes. Maybe you aren't lonely sometimes.  Maybe you end your day feeling like you did a great job and can't wait for tomorrow.  I truly hope so.  But, I'm willing to throw it out there that many looking for a place to belong aren't able to give an enthusiastic yes to that.  Bring your loneliness, bring your doubts, bring your questions.  I promise I will remember your name the second time you come to our group.  You matter to us.  This is a place that will look at what the Bible says about how God's truth and how it can bring light into your life.  When everything is piling on you where can you turn? Who can see beyond all the masks and give refreshment to your tired heart?  And how do you remember it in the craziness of the day or the deep quiet of night?

"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

I can't wait to meet you and join you on this crazy roller coaster we call life! See you soon."



  February 2021  
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